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Applus+ Laboratories in brief

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Applus+ Laboratories specializes in developing technical solutions to enhance product competitiveness and foster innovation. Our experience in testing and our leading and recognized laboratories, allow us to participate throughout the whole product value chain, offering testing, product development, quality control and certification services.

We are your partners for preparing and adapting your product to the requirements and expectations of its target markets:

  • We guarantee its safety and quality
  • We speed up its time-to-market
  • We open doors to the global market
  • We foster customer trust
  • We help differentiate the product
  • We cooperate in its research and development
Applus+ Laboratories in China
We support European subsidiary companies and their suppliers in meeting quality standards and complying with local, European and international regulation.
We also help Chinese companies to reach European and other global markets ensuring conformity with their target market requirements.
We are based in Shanghai, where we have our main facilities and multi-technological testing laboratories accredited by CNAS ISO 17025 and CMA.
Our main capabilities include:
We offer certification, inspection and auditing services in different industrial sectors covering all mainland Chinese regions:


EMV L1 PCD 3.0 Testing | Applus+ Laboratories
Applus+ Laboratories ready to test new 3.0 specification of EMV L1 for Contactless Terminals

Debugging sessions are now available for terminal vendors to prepare for new mandatory type approval testing in early 2019.

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