Brazil Radio Type Approval can consist of two schemes:

ANATEL compliance is mandatory for radio and telecommunications products, while INMETRO compliance will be determined by the product that requires market access. 




Summary of ANATEL certification process

A certification of radio products for the Brazilian market is based on an approval from the local authority, Agência Nacional De Telecomunicações (ANATEL). This certification is mandatory for radio/telecommunications products in Brazil. ANATEL is responsible for the control of the products through its regulation on certification and approval of telecommunications products.

The following steps must be performed in order to obtain the ANATEL certificate of homologation for telecommunications products in Brazil. 

  • Selection of Designated Certification Organization (the Certification Body, in Portuguese OCD), providing all technical information about the product. 
  • Selection of Accredited Laboratory to perform in-country tests. Samples must be provided to conduct the test. 
  • Testing according to Local Regulation and issuing of test reports. Testing of RF equipment devices generally covers the following areas:
    • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
    • Radio matters (specific to each technology)
    • Functional Tests
    • Electrical Health & Safety (SAR if applies)
  • The OCD reviews the application and test results, and will issue one of the following certifications (Certificate of Technical Conformity):.
    • Type 1a Certification Scheme: Certification based on Type Testing.
    • Type 4 Certification Scheme: Certification based on Type Testing with Periodic Product Evaluation. 
    • Type 5 Certification Scheme: Certification based on Type Testing with Periodic Product Evaluation and the Factory Management Systems.
    Once the OCD has issued the Certificate of Technical Conformity, the OCD will register the product and the company that is responsible for the product with the “Sistema de Certificação e Homologação (SCH), a database including all products registered and certified in Brazil. After the registration, the OCD or local representative will upload all documents required. 
  • Once the device has been certified by the OCD, ANATEL reviews the application, and issues an homologation certification (type approval) if the additional documents are submitted by the applicant and deemed acceptable by ANATEL. Following the certification, ANATEL will issue the stamps required for products to be sold.
    Technically speaking, ANATEL’s homologation certification never expires. However, OCD technical certificates must be periodically renewed:

Once the process has been completed successfully, ANATEL’s seal will be added to all products before their entry into the market.

ANATEL Step by Step Process


ANATEL Product marking

On March 8, 2016, Brazil’s ANATEL issued Resolution No. 662, updating Annex III and Art. 39 of Resolution No. 242 from November 30, 2000 with modified labeling requirements for wireless products, as follows: 

  • HHHHH:  identifies the approval of the product by sequential numbering with 5 characters.
  • AA:  identifies the year of issue of the approval with 2 numeric characters.
  • FFFFF:  identifies the manufacturer of the product with 5 numeric characters.


Summary of INMETRO certification process

The National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (INMETRO) has jurisdiction over general product safety standards, and is the agency that certifies information technology equipment, and various non-telecom RF-producing appliances. This scheme is mandatory depending on product type.

INMETRO - National Institute of Metrology Standardization and Industrial Quality is the government body responsible for the implementation of measurement, safety and quality standards for electrical and electronic products. It guides the activities of accreditation, inspection, testing and certification bodies in the country.

INMETRO Product Scope

INMETRO’s compulsory Certification is generally applicable to products or services that may threaten people’s health, security or the environment. Below are the main products under mandatory certification:

  • Hazardous locations equipment
  • Medical devices (Electrical medical products) 
  • Wires and cables
  • Household appliances
  • Switches, plugs and receptacles

This is the complete list of products that require a compulsory certification by INMETRO.

INMETRO Step by Step Process

Depending on the product category, INMETRO’s certification has a validity of one to five years. In some cases, the certification program also allows for batch certification. 
Normally, the INMETRO certificate is valid for 3 years, but is linked to the completion of annual certification maintenance. 


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