There is one approval scheme in Algeria:

This scheme is mandatory for Radio and Telecommunication Terminal Equipment products to be commercialized in Algeria. However requirements are volatile and may change systematically without large period notice. Please consult our experts for an accurate proposal according the specifications of your products.  


Summary of ARPCE/ANF Radio Type Approval process 

The commercialization of telecom and radio equipment in Algeria is based on ARPCE (Autorité de Régulation de la Poste et des Communications Electroniques) approval or ANF (Agence Nationale des Fréquences) approval, depending on product type. Both routes to get the approval are almost identical, the main difference being the national authority involved -who issues the certificate- according to the product scope. Basically all Short Range Devices (SRD) will require ANF approval and all other products and technologies will require ARPCE approval.

In order to address the ARPCE/ANF Approval, foreign test reports and certificates must be submitted: 2014/53/EU Electrical Safety, Electromagnetic compatibility, Radio Spectrum and Specific Absorption rate are sufficient evidences to include in the technical file. Additionally and from a certification perspective, the 2014/53/EU EU Type Examination Certificate is also required.

Even when foreign (European) test reports are provided as part of the technical file, ARPCE/ANF Approval applications must include a normal sample to be tested in-country by request of the National Authority. The ARPCE/ANF Certificate has a 3-year validity. A Local Representative is required to address this Approval and the typical lead time is 8 weeks.

ARPCE/ANF Label Requirements:

Prior to commercialization, all equipment approved by the regulatory Authority (ARPCE) must be labeled with an irremovable sticker bearing the words "homologue par l’ARPCE" and the approval number of the regulatory authority. See below:

Homologue par l’ARPCE XXXXXX

Prior to commercialization, SRD approved by the ANF must be labeled with an irremovable sticker bearing the words "agréé par l’ANF" and the Certificate of Conformity number issued by the Agence Nationale des Fréquences (ANF):

Agréé par l’ANF XXXXXX


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