In Central and South America, the Type Approval requirements differ from country to country. Apart from Brazil and Argentina, most of the countries accept foreign Test Reports for carrying out their specific approval . However requirements are volatile and may change systematically without large notice periods. Please consult our experts for an accurate proposal according to the specifications of your products.  

Below is the list of some specific Approval Schemes:


Venezuela: Summary of CONATEL Approval process 

Radio products that are intended to be marketed in Venezuela are subject to a mandatory approval process issued by the Comisión Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (CONATEL) which is the Venezuelan state agency that exercises regulation, supervision and control over telecommunications equipment in Venezuela.

According to CONATEL Resolution Nº 253, testing activity in order to address CONATEL approval can be either based on RED (EU), FCC (USA), CNC (Argentina), IFT (Mexico), ISED (Canada) or ANATEL (Brazil). Therefore applicants can take advantage of the already testing activity performed according to the above mentioned regulations to address CONATEL approval. , tThis testing activities can only be performed exclusively by laboratories accredited by national accreditation bodies, or recognized by the respective Authorities. Additionally, the certificate of approval according to the previous schemes must also be part of the technical file.

The lead time to obtain CONATEL approval is typically 9 weeks. Local representative is not required to apply for this certification scheme and the validity of certificate is permanent.

Venezuela CONATEL Label Requirements

There are no product marking requirements for CONATEL approval.

Honduras: Summary of CONATEL Approval process in brief

CONATEL Radio Type Approval is mandatory for the commercialization of telecom and radio equipment in Honduras. The national authority, the Comisión Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (CONATEL), is responsible for regulating and coordinating the country's telecom sector. The authority issues regulations and technical guidelines for the supply of telecom services and its fees, assures its compliance, and allocates permits and licenses.

In-country testing is not required to address CONATEL approval, the National Authority accepts the following testing activity under the following schemes FCC(USA), IFT (Mexico), RED (EU) and Radio Law (Japan). Therefore applicants can take advantage of the already testing activity performed under one of the schemes above. There is required a Local Representative which will act as a legal representative for addressing the CONATEL approval.

The typical Lead-time takes 12 weeks to obtain CONATEL approval and the validity of the Certificate is unlimited.

Honduras CONATEL Label Requirements

There are no labeling requirements 

Colombia: Summary of CRC Approval process 

CRC, which stands for Comisión de Regulación de Comunicaciones, is the Regulatory Body that promotes competition and regulates the market for communications networks and services in Colombia. 

Most satellite equipment and all cellular products (voice and data) and devices that connect to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) require CRC certification. The rest of Radio Equipment like Short Range Devices are exempt from CRC Approval, however for this kind of products where no Approval is applicable an Exemption Letter can be obtained for avoiding issues with Customs. The products subject to approval may take advantage of the RED/FCC Testing Activity therefore in-country testing is not needed.

Local Representative is not required for addressing this Approval. CRC Approval typically takes 10 weeks and the validity of the Certificate is unlimited. 

Colombia CRC Label Requirements

Each homologated terminal, under CRC approval will have an internal registration code in the CRC database, like below:


Where XX corresponds to the type of approved terminal, while YY identifies the year of registration and ZZZZ is a consecutive registration number associated with the device.


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