Applus+ Laboratories in China

Applus+ Laboratories, a division of the Applus+ Group, provides testing, certification and development engineering services to improve the competitiveness of its clients’ products and encourage innovation. We have a network of multidisciplinary laboratories in Europe, Asia and North America.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and the technical knowledge of our experts allow us to offer high added-value services to a wide range of industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, IT and construction.

Applus+ Laboratories in China

Applus+ Laboratories in China, officially Applus (Shanghai) Quality Inspection Co., Ltd., was founded in 2007 in Shanghai. The site has advanced, multitechnological laboratories accredited by ISO 17025 and CMA.

We support European subsidiary companies and their suppliers in meeting quality standards and complying with local, European and international regulation.

We also help Chinese companies to reach European and other global markets ensuring conformity with their target market requirements.

Our main capabilities include:


We offer certification, inspection and auditing services in different industrial sectors covering all mainland Chinese regions:



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