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Climate change projects

Applus+ is a Designated Operation Entity (DOE) by the UNFCCC to validate Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM) and verify their results periodically. We also help companies to demonstrate their commitment with greenhouse gas emission reduction verifying voluntary carbon offsetting projects and carbon footprint measurements.
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Certified Emission Reductions (CER’S) – Clean Development Mechanisms Projects (UNFCCC-CDM)
The Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM) constitute one of the market-based mechanisms - emissions trading defined by UNFCCC. CDM are emission reduction investment programs promoted by organizations of industrialized countries implemented on developing countries. CDM projects are mainly applied to energy and waste treatment management industries of the host country, both public and private owned. Since 2010, Applus+ Certification is accredited by UNFCCC as an independent entity capable of performing the validation and verification process of CDM projects.
Voluntary Emission Reduction – Gold Standard (GS)
Gold Standard (GS) constitutes one of the voluntary emission trading schemes more world widely established and internationally recognized. GS projects are performed in line with the technical requirements that have been defined by UNFCCC. In order to generate Voluntary Emission Reduction Units (VER’s), every project needs to be validated and verified by an entity that shall be accredited by UNFCCC. Since 2013, Applus+ Certification is performing the validation and verification of projects under Gold Standard.
Voluntary Emission Reduction – Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)
Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) is one of the voluntary schemes that has been more world widely implemented. Projects performed under this standard are conducted in line with the methodologies and technical principles defined by UNFCCC with regard to CDM. These projects need to be validated and verified by an independent body, and it is also required that this entity were accredited by UNFCCC. Applus+ Certification works with VCS in the performance of validation and verification activities since 2010 as an independent body.
Carbon footprint verification
Carbon footprint verification allows companies to measure the amount of greenhouse gases emitted while performing their activities and thus prove their commitment to reducing climate change effects. Verified emissions can be direct, such as production activities, or indirect, such as goods transportation or staff travel. The organization must define both the frequency of the verifications and the elements to be measured.

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