Applus+ Laboratories broadens the scope of its accreditations and recognitions to test and certify radio equipment and gain access to the US (FCC) and Canada (ISED)


    Applus+ is now able to test and certify radio communication equipment that operates under licensed frequency bands, such as mobile phones and satellite communications, for the North American market.

    The FCC (US) and ISED (Canada) regulatory bodies have granted Applus+ Laboratories the status of Accredited Testing Laboratory and Certification Body, under ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17065 respectively, for radio communication devices that operate on licenced frequency bands. 

    The radio spectrum, and its frequency bands, is regulated by each state so that it can be used by licenced operators reducing the impact of interferences from and with other devices operating on different frequency bands. Mobile (including 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) and satellite communication technologies, among others, use the licenced spectrum.

    Applus+ was already accredited and recognised to test and certify radio equipment operating on unlicensed bands, including most short and medium-range communication devices using technologies such as RFID, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other wireless systems used for IoT.
    By extending its accreditation, Applus+ Laboratories is now able to test most radio devices and give support to manufacturers all over the world that wish to market their products in the US and Canada. Applus+ Laboratories is also accredited and recognized to test and certify radio equipment for European market access under the 2014/53/EU RED Directive.

    United States – FCC: Scope of accreditations as Telecommunications Certification Body:

    • Scope A (Unlicensed Radio Frequency Devices):
      • A1: Low power transmitter operating on frequencies below 1 GHz (except spread spectrum devices), emergency alert systems, unintentional radiators y consumer ISM devices
      • A2: Low power transmitter operating on frequencies above 1 GHz (except spread spectrum devices)
      • A4: Low power transmitter using spread spectrum techniques
    • Scope B (Licensed Radio Service Equipment):
      • B1: Commercial Mobile (Radio) Services in Title 47: Parts 20 (Commercial Mobile Services), 22 (Cellular), 24 (Personal Communications Services), 25 (Satellite Communications below 3 GHz), and 27 (Miscellaneous wireless communications)


    Canada – ISED: Scope of accreditations as Foreign Certification Body:

    • Radio Scope 1 — License-exempt Radio Frequency Devices 
    • Radio Scope 2 — Licensed Personal Mobile Radio Services


    Access to global markets
    For manufacturers that want to sell their radio communications products on the global market, Applus+ provides the complete International Radio Type Approvals service. Our team of international experts in regulation will manage the whole project, including:

    • Mandatory and voluntary approvals
    • In-house testing and certification according to FCC rules and EU Directives which in several cases simplify market access to other countries
    • First certifications and renewals depending on the target markets
    • Management and coordination with local Authorities and local Laboratories where in-country testing by accredited and recognised bodies is mandatory within the territory of the country concerned.

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