Applus+ qualified by GlobalPlatform to test new mobile payment standards


    Applus+ has received SWP / HCI and TEE GlobalPlatform qualifications and strengthens its position in the assessment of mobile identification and payment solutions.

    Barcelona, April 2014.-  Applus+ Laboratories, a global inspection, testing and certification company, has received two new GlobalPlatform qualifications, consolidating its position in the field of compliance assessment of payment and identification services with smart mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).
    GlobalPlatform is one of the main organizations responsible for developing technology standards to ensure interoperability between devices and applications, as well as secure communication between the various actors involved in payment and identification systems: mobile manufacturers, manufacturers of secure items such as SIM cards, mobile operators, TSM, banks, and other service providers.
    GlobalPlatform SWP / HCI
    The Single Wire Protocol and Host Controller Interface (GP SWP / HCI) GlobalPlatform tests verify the communication protocol between mobile devices and SIM cards. These tests ensure the interoperability between various models of SIMs and mobiles, a key requirement due to the large number of manufacturers of both elements that exist in the market.
    GlobalPlatform TEE
    GlobalPlatform Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) tests evaluate the functionality and interoperability of the TEE, an isolated environment in the mobile operating system (rich OS) which runs the applications that handle sensitive data. The TEE is an intermediate safe environment between the mobile operating system (open) and the Secure Element, which is the most secure setting but only stores the most critical applications such as payment (VISA, MasterCard) and the electronic signature. The TEE also filters access to the applications which are stored in the Secure Element.
    Banking applications are a clear example of applications that need to run in the TEE. They cannot be incorporated in the Secure Element because the users download them through their mobile, but it is essential to ensure the protection, confidentiality and integrity of the bank details against attacks or malware.
    Global benchmark in safety and functionality tests
    With these two new accreditations, Applus+ consolidates its GlobalPlatform services portfolio for the payment systems market, that includes: UICC Configuration, Contactless Extension, Basic Financial Configuration, Mapping Guidelines, SWP / HCI and Initial Configuration TEE. Applus+ is also a reference for standards such as EMVCo, VISA, NFC, Common Criteria, among others.
    For more information, please contact María de Sancha Tel.:+34 691 250 977

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