Applus+ Laboratories Shanghai tests the POS Kernel with the largest number of configurations of any device ever approved by EMVCo


    The contact L2 kernel has 41 different configurations, and though its testing campaign required nearly 27000 tests, it was completed in a record time with no quality issues attributed to the process.

    Our team in Shanghai recently finished an outstanding feat. The team received the latest version of a contact kernel developed by one of the largest mPOS distributors worldwide.  Our job was to test the contact kernel device for it to be certified following EMV L2 requirements. 

    The challenge and the result

    The Kernel features no less than 41 configurations, more than any other POS currently approved by EMVCo. Such a high number of configurations meant thousands of tests were required to validate all the specs in each configuration. In the end, the project was concluded after 26,801 tests were performed on the device. This was a titanic task but one which was approved straight away. The fact that no kind of clarification was needed by EMVCo meant that the whole process was executed at the very highest quality level.

    The final test report had more than 1,500 pages. The fact that it was delivered in a record time is not only significant because of the size of the project, but because the project was partially affected by Shanghai´s strict COVID-19 lockdown in the spring.

    Carlos Garcia Martos, Manager of our Shanghai IT laboratory, remarked “The figures of this project speak for themselves. Our team´s commitment to the project allowed us to undertake a huge number of tests in a very short period, all while ensuring the overall quality of the procedures.” 

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