What Is Live Testing?

Live Testing offers our customers real-time, current information, reducing the need for physical attendance during tests. This solution delivers data and insights into ongoing or upcoming tests, enhancing efficiency, collaboration, and decision-making.

Building on our E-Testing environment launched in 2010, Live Testing incorporates an advanced dashboard for comprehensive test auditing. This service is a key component of our Digital+ suite of digital solutions for advanced development.


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Features of Live Testing

Live Testing offers the following features:


Live Testing provides access to the following data:

  • Real-time test data: Access live test data, so you're always informed, wherever you are.
  • Data acquisition (DAQ), multi-graphics: Remote monitoring of tests as if you were in the lab.
  • Configurable data structure design: Customise dashboards to focus on the data most important to your project.
  • Draw measurements and predictions: Directly compare the evolution of tests with initial predictions in real time.
  • Advanced instrumentation: Benefit from advanced instrumentation data transmission, including Digital Image Correlation and Thermography.


Live Testing includes the following video options:

  • Real-time video: View live tests from anywhere.
  • Integrated Video conferencing: Schedule and initiate video conferences with the Test Leader, improving communication and collaboration.


Live Testing make collaboration easier with the following tools:

  • Document exchange folder: Centralise all relevant documentation and data on a single, accessible platform.
  • User access in a single tool: A single secure account provides access to all your projects.
  • Compatibility with all web browsers: Access the platform through any web browser, without restrictions.
  • Collaborative projects: Take advantage of our network of labs through an integrated platform.

At Applus+ Laboratories, we are aware of the importance of test data security and our platform is protected with state-of-the-art security measures, managed by dedicated cybersecurity teams. This secure infrastructure ensures the integrity and confidentiality of your information, providing an environment you can fully trust. Our security protocols are backed by rigorous cybersecurity certifications, ensuring that your data is safeguarded to the highest standards.

Benefits of Live Testing

The key benefits of Live Testing are as follows:

  • Transparency: Real-time access to testing provides you with complete and continuous visibility, ensuring that the process is proceeding as planned. This level of transparency ensures the current status of testing, fostering complete confidence in the process.
  • Instant decision making: The ability to monitor and respond to trial events as they occur allows you to make quick and informed decisions.
  • Cost-effective monitoring: Allows you to witness trials live, eliminating the costs associated with travel and providing you with quality information quickly and efficiently.
  • Collaborative trials: Allows multiple experts to access the same trial simultaneously, regardless of location, optimising resources and improving coverage and depth of analysis.
  • Testing in multiple locations: With Live Testing, you can manage and observe trials in multiple locations from a single interface. This significantly expands testing capacity without sacrificing consistency or quality of monitoring.

Live Testing Plans

You can choose between three different plans depending on your testing needs:


Our Streaming service offers a dynamic solution designed for real-time visualisation of short duration tests. This service provides a comprehensive way to monitor testing processes from any location, enhancing convenience and collaboration.


Our Monitoring service is an advanced solution designed for real-time monitoring and analysis of long-term tests. This comprehensive tool enables real-time video and data visualisation, and offers innovative features for efficient and proactive test management.


Our Witnessing service integrates augmented reality to offer an interactive approach to test monitoring. This service enables customers to provide real-time instructions to the tester, improving control and understanding during the testing process.

Why choose Applus+ Laboratories and Live Testing?

Live Testing means innovation, accessibility to data, and Applus+ Laboratories' commitment to our clients. Our extensive experience in testing, combined with our dedication to providing a first class service, ensures that you receive accurate and valuable data and information. Live Testing is powerful tool in our Digital+ suite which includes Materials Portal, Digilab, along with other tools.

Live Testing is a value-added service and demonstrates our commitment to facilitating access to information and enhancing our customer engagement. With Applus+ Laboratories, you choose a partner who is at the forefront of testing technology, dedicated to delivering results that matter.

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