Carbon Emission Certification: Enterprise Sustainability and Carbon Economy Development support with Applus+ Laboratories


    Carbon trade is one of the core tools for achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals and has received widespread attention from various countries. After years of development, the size and standardization of the carbon trading market has significantly improved, and in this process, the importance of carbon emission certification has also become increasingly prominent.

    For enterprises, obtaining carbon emission certification has become a necessary condition to participate in the carbon trade market.

    Through carbon emission certification, enterprises can prove that their production and operation activities comply with national carbon emission standards, thereby obtaining carbon emission rights. These carbon emission rights can be traded in the carbon market, allowing enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities and promote sustainable development of the industry while gaining economic benefits.

    As one of the leaders in testing and certification, Applus+ Laboratories,  supports the four major carbon emission certification services, including: the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Gold Standard (GS), Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), and Carbon Footprint Verification. These services help enterprises participate in the carbon trade market from multiple perspectives and encourages carbon economy development in a green and sustainable manner.

    The Clean Development Mechanism

    The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is one of the flexible compliance mechanisms introduced in the Kyoto Protocol, to support developed and developing countries in the transfer and trading of greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

    Only institutions with the authority to issue tradable certified carbon emission reductions (CERs) can officially conduct a project review. Recognized by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in 2010, Applus+ Laboratories is as an independent entity capable of implementing CDM projects and has accumulated rich experience in carbon emission certification.

    The Gold Standard (GS)

    The Gold Standard (GS) is a widely recognized and international voluntary emissions trade system. Under such carbon emission certification standards, GS projects need to be strictly implemented in accordance with the technical requirements defined in the Convention, and also need to be reviewed by entities recognized by the Convention.

    Applus+ Laboratories meets the "gold standard" requirement since 2013, and can provide corresponding review services for enterprises.

    The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

    The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) is a voluntary emission reduction standard widely implemented worldwide, in accordance with the relevant methods and technical principles of the Convention's CDM. Additionally, it compiles a set of standards used for approved independent entities such as Applus+ Laboratories for review.

    Carbon footprint verification

    Carbon footprint verification helps enterprises assess the amount of greenhouse gases emitted during their activities, and thus, demonstrate their commitment to reduce the impact of climate change. Verified carbon emissions include direct emissions from various production activities and indirect emissions from transportation and other sources. Applus+ Laboratories provides an objective and comprehensive definition of verification frequency and evaluation elements, providing enterprises with more applicable carbon emission verification services.

    As the core driving force of the carbon trading market, the development of carbon emission certification helps enterprises achieve sustainable development and promotes the sustainable development of the entire industry and even society. In the future, thanks to the continuous enhancement and deepening of the carbon economy, carbon emission certification is also expected to be applied and promoted in more fields. Always one step forward and in the look out or upcoming industry advances, Applus+ Laboratories will continuously work to improve related services.

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