How to achieve CE marking for building supports: Tips from Applus+ Laboratories CE marking professionals


    Under the influence of the "the Belt and Road", economic globalization and other factors, the global construction engineering market continues to expand, and more and more Chinese construction enterprises begin to enter the overseas market. In this process, the safety certification of building materials has become one of the key factors to reach overseas markets. CE marking is also a fundamental part of this process.

    In this article, our Applus+ Laboratories experts give you insight about the CE marking process for building products.

    The CE mark is a safety certification mark, not a quality certification, and it is not the same as the CE mark (China Export) in China. The CE marking for building supports is one of the necessary conditions for the circulation of products in the European market. Products with the "CE" logo can freely circulate within the member states of the European Union, serving as a passport for manufacturers in the European market.

    The standards involved in the CE marking for building supports include EN1337 and EN15129. The CPR Building Directive regulations also propose seven types of performance specifications for building products such as building supports, including mechanical resistance and stability; Fire safety; Health, hygiene, and environment; Safe use; noise prevention; Energy saving and insulation; Sustainable utilization of natural resources.

    Choosing a compliant CE marking agency is particularly important under complex and strict standards. We are a notified body for building products, collaborating with multiple building product manufacturers for over 100 years, and have certified thousands of building products. Our independent laboratories can perform content testing, initial and subsequent testing, or product self-control services, strengthen control over products and processes, reduce potential costs, and provide a one-stop compliance evaluation, testing, and CE marking for building supports.

    Our Applus+ Laboratories experts also actively participate in the European Standardization and Certification Forum to ensure that the CE marking for building supports complies with the latest regulations and reduces potential risks.

    At present, CE marking for building supports has become an important component of the trend of building projects going global. Enterprises looking for overseas construction market access, can obtain CE marking for building materials through our Applus+ Laboratories services. We provide a quick, safe and cost-effective means to open up sales channels throughout the European Union and promote the global development of enterprises.

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