Applus+ Laboratories: CE marking requirements and precautions for fire alarms


    As the key component of the fire safety system, the fire alarm has become an important equipment to ensure the safety of people's lives and property, and its quality and safety are crucial.

    In the EU market, all fire protection products sold must comply with CE marking standards. So, what are the precautions for CE marking for fire alarms? Keep reading to get more insight from our Applus+ Laboratories experts.

    1. Understand the regulations and standards for CE marking

    Before conducting CE marking for fire alarms, enterprises need to understand the relevant regulations and standards of the European Union for fire alarms. The fire alarm integrates electronic and communication protocols between different active fire protection components, including the EU's electromagnetic compatibility directive, low-voltage directive, and related safety standards and regulations. It is also necessary for fire alarms to pass a testing and certification process that complies with Harmonized Standards (EN) and building product regulations.

    2. Documents to be prepared and certification process

    To apply for fire alarm CE marking, relevant documents such as product technical documents, user manual, circuit structure diagram, and raw material list need to be prepared, and copies of the certificate for the entire machine or component should also be provided, so that the EU certification body can evaluate the safety and compliance of the product.

    The CE marking process for fire alarms can be summarized as follows:

    1. Determine the types of products that require certification and submit an application to the certification party.
    2. Select a laboratory or certification body to conduct testing and evaluation in accordance with the CPR directive and coordinated standard EN 54-16.
    3. Obtain test reports and certificates.
    4. Distribute a Declaration of Performance for the product.
    5. Attach the CE mark with the announcement agency code on the product packaging.
    6. Free sales in the EU market.

    At present, there are many certification bodies in the European Union that can provide CE marking services. Choosing a formal certification body being subjected to the announcement is the key to applying for CE marking for fire alarms.

    At Applus+ Laboratories, we have positioned ourselves as a Research & Technology Laboratories (RTL) and Contract Certification Body (CCB) of CERTALARM. We are also a notified body for the Building Product Regulations 305/2011 (including EN 54-X, EN 12094-X, EN 14604) (Announcement No. 0370). And a notified body of EMC and RED, essential for providing a one-stop service for CE marking for fire alarms and helping fire alarm manufacturers and distributors accelerate the certification process and effectively shorten the time to market.

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