Applus+ Laboratories: CE Marking for Toy Drones


    With the rapid development of technology, the consumer grade drone market is becoming increasingly popular, and various brands and models of toy drones are emerging one after another. However, the prosperity of this market has also brought regulatory and security issues.

    Ensuring the quality and safety performance of toy drones, CE marking for toy drones has become crucial. CE marking is a mandatory certification system in the European Union for importing and selling products and is a necessary passport to enter the European market.

    How to define toy drones in CE marking

    For toy drones, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has issued EU 2019/945, EU 2019/947 and other EU general regulations on drones, which categorise UAS operations into open, specified, and certified categories on the basis of operational risk and adopt different regulatory regimes.

    The EU's open category drones are divided into three subcategories (A1, A2, and A3) and five levels (C0, C1, C2, C3, and C4), designed for entertainment (or some commercial activities), requiring constant operation within a visible range (VLOS), with an altitude of less than 120m, and a maximum takeoff weight of less than 25kg. In accordance with regulations, toy drones can only be C0 level drones, which need to meet all the requirements of C0 toy drones and require CE marking of toy drones in order to enter the European market.

    The process of CE marking for toy drones

    Although toy drones have lower operational risks, they still require a series of compliance tests from certification bodies to obtain CE marking. Applus+ Laboratories, as the first batch of EU 2019/945 drone certification bodies (NB.0370), can provide comprehensive toy drone CE radio, drone related testing and certification services.

    Applus+ Laboratories can provide indoor testing services for toy drones in terms of radio, EMC, and manual revision. It can also provide comprehensive outdoor flight testing for drones in terms of flight speed and maximum altitude to ensure that the drone products comply with relevant EU regulations and standards, and help companies standardise on obtaining CE marking for toy drones.

    With the continuous improvement of laws and regulations, the consumer drone market is developing healthily in an orderly and diversified direction. CE marking for toy drones has become a necessary means to ensure product quality and safety performance, as well as a necessary condition for enterprises to enter the European market and seize market share.

    By choosing a professional certification body such as Applus+ Laboratories, enterprises can complete the certification process more conveniently, enhance the competitiveness of their products and win the trust of consumers.

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