Applus+ Laboratories acquires Iraq COC certification permission to support high-quality development of cross-border trade for enterprises


    Due to the continuous deepening of global trade, various countries have introduced relevant laws and regulations to improve market access systems.

    Recently, Applus+ Laboratories, one of the global leaders in testing, inspection, and certification, announced that it has obtained permission to provide Iraq COC certification.

    This means that Applus+ Laboratories will now serve as an authorized independent third-party inspection agency to oversee the testing, inspection, and certification services of regulated products under the Pre-Shipment Conformity Certification (COC) program. Allowing us to issue a Certificate of Conformity (COC) certificates to ensure that goods exported to Iraq meet relevant quality and safety standards, and to support the high-quality development of cross-border trade for enterprises.

    To protect the rights and interests of consumers and monitor the quality of imported products, Iraq’s COSQC has implemented a pre-shipment compliance certification program since 2011. The program requires all controlled imported products to comply with Iraqi national standards and technical regulations, and to provide a conformity certificate (CoC) during customs clearance, otherwise they will be charged a corresponding penalty. This measure aims to restrict the import of substandard, counterfeit, and inferior products into Iraq, protecting Iraqi consumers, producers, the environment, and public safety. 

    How to apply for Iraq CoC Certification

    To apply for COC certification in Iraq, export companies need to prepare the following documents:  

    • The Applus+ Laboratories form.
    • Packing list.
    • Invoice.
    • Test report.
    • Self-declaration.

    In addition, to avoid fines or returns, it is recommended that you consult with the Applus+ Laboratories experts about the COC certificate application process before exporting goods to Iraq and obtain a compliance certificate in a timely manner to ensure smooth customs clearance in the future.

    CoC Certification for other countries

    To meet the business needs of more exporters, Applus+ Laboratories has obtained pre-export conformity inspection services from multiple countries in accordance with relevant regulations and standards: 

    • Morocco: CoC
    • Qatar:CoC for construction products
    • Kuwait:CoC for construction products
    • UAE:CoC for construction products
    • Algeria:CoC
    • Saudi Arabia:SASO CoC
    • Global Business Inspection: Quality inspection (MTC) and pre shipment inspection (PSI) for building materials, metal materials, and other products

    Applus+ Laboratories has always been committed to providing customers with comprehensive quality assurance solutions. This authorization from COSQC further demonstrates its professional capabilities in the field of certification. Cross border enterprises can choose corresponding service projects according to their own needs, and Applus+ Laboratories will provide comprehensive and fast testing and certification services with professional capabilities.

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