As a Hot Issue for Carbon Tax, Applus+ Laboratories bring you to learn PAS 2060 Certification


    At the end of 2023, the European Union Parliament released an announcement that, according to the EU carbon border adjustment mechanism, carbon tariffs will be formally levied on relevant products imported into the EU from 2026, triggering a hot discussion.

    PAS 2060, as the first global standard for carbon neutrality declarations, has also become more and more relevant for enterprises these days, along with the carbon tax.

    What is a carbon tax and what can PAS 2060 certification do?

    Carbon tax is an economic tool. In the short term, it increases the production cost of enterprises and reduces the competitiveness of products in the market by taxing carbon emission behaviour. However, in the long term, it can incentivise enterprises to reduce carbon emissions by taxing carbon emission behaviour, establishing a sound carbon emission accounting system, making for a greener, more efficient, and sustainable development mode. Then the enterprises can cope with the diversification challenges better. This also highlights the importance of PAS 2060 certification.

    The PAS 2060 certification standard, as a recognized standard for carbon neutral declarations, is applicable to organisations of different industries and sizes. It can be used to certify whether an entire organisation is committed to or has achieved carbon neutrality, or whether any uniquely identified object is carbon neutral, such as a specific activity, product, service, building, project or event.

    The core of PAS 2060 certification is the accurate and verifiable assessment of a company's or project's greenhouse gas emissions and to manage it properly. It is a process that covers the collection, processing, monitoring and reporting of emissions data to ensure that a company's carbon emissions data can be more transparent and reliable.

    The PAS 2060 certification is in line with carbon tax, allowing enterprises to pay more attention to environmental responsibility while pursuing economic benefits. Enterprises obtaining PAS 2060 certification not only means that their carbon emission data have been internationally recognised, but also represents that they have achieved remarkable results in the field of environmental protection, which helps to enhance their social image and competitiveness.

    Why choose Applus+ Laboratories for carbon footprint verification services?

    Applus+ Laboratories, as an independent third-party certification body, has wide experience in verification and certification services, and related sustainability accreditations. We perform various carbon footprint verification services, including enterprise carbon footprint verification and product carbon footprint verification. It targets all types and sizes of companies, and we offer the PAS 2060 certification.

    The auditors and experts in Applus+ Laboratories will carefully analyse customer needs, develop specific PAS 2060 certification plans, and provide professional certification services on a global scale.

    Against the backdrop of the increasing trend of global environmental protection, the Applus+ Laboratories team relies on professional service capabilities and rich experience to actively respond to new changes, providing comprehensive and one-stop PAS 2060 certification services for enterprises. We can help them achieve green and low-carbon development, and jointly address the challenges of global climate change.

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