How to effectively conduct cybersecurity assessment penetration testing? Applus+ Laboratories ensures cyber resilience with professional services


    With the development of information technology, the Internet has penetrated every aspect of our lives. At the same time, cybersecurity issues are becoming increasingly prominent. As an important means to ensure network security, network security assessments are becoming increasingly prominent.

    Applus+ Laboratories, as a widely recognized third-party laboratory with diverse cybersecurity penetration testing methods, is committed to providing professional and efficient cybersecurity assessment services to customers, worldwide.

    The Cybersecurity Assessment Service Model of Applus+ Laboratories

    1. Black box testing (external testing)

    Based on a deep understanding of the final product and customer concerns, our Applus+ Laboratories ITLab has developed a security threat model to simulate external network environments, conduct custom penetration testing activities, and obtain more realistic analysis results.

    According to the analysis results, Applus+ Laboratories can also provide a report on the product's resilience against advanced attack technologies, allowing enterprises to selectively fix security vulnerabilities.

    2. White box testing (internal testing)

    In addition to the black box penetration testing method, Applus+ Laboratories ITLab will actively collaborate with product suppliers to gain a deeper understanding of the internal mechanisms of the product, making the testing method more comprehensive and verifying the network security level of specific businesses.

    3. Source code detection

    Experts from Applus+ Laboratories will also collaborate with supplier teams to review the source code, identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities that may have developed during the initial development phase. During this process, experts from Applus+ Laboratories will also keep independent and objective and will not participate in actual product development.

    Applus+ Laboratories can provide cybersecurity penetration testing for various products and technologies in various fields such as automotive parts, automatic industrial control systems, and IoT equipment components. Through integrated systems, new product security assessments are ensured, and special tools are used to maintain the latest testing results. With independence and professionalism, comprehensive and continuous cybersecurity evaluation services are created globally to help customers actively respond to the current severe network security situation.

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