Applus+ Laboratories: The Combined Impact of Product Carbon Footprint Certification


    Batteries, as key components of sustainable development, green mobility, and clean energy, are constantly being updated by regulatory laws and regulations.

    On August 17, 2023, the European Union's New Battery Law officially came into force. Now, the draft of Carbon Footprint Evaluation Act and Methodology for Automotive Batteries has been released and entered the consultation stage. After one year of its official release, automotive batteries circulating in the European Union will be required to attach the corresponding carbon footprint statement to their technical documents, which has further aroused the attention of global enterprises to the certification for the carbon footprint to their products.

    Applus+ Laboratories, as an independent third-party oragnisation has wide experience in carbon footprint verification services and different related accreditations.

    Product Carbon Footprint Certification helps Enhance Corporate Image

    Through product carbon footprint certification, enterprises can demonstrate their environmental responsibility and sustainable development concepts to consumers and society. This helps to improve the image and reputation of enterprises in market competition and attract more environmentally concerned consumers.

    Product Carbon Footprint Certification can Promote Product Innovation

    Product carbon footprint certification prompts enterprises to seek ways to reduce emissions in their product design, production and transportation, thereby promoting technological innovation and product improvement. This helps to improve the green competitiveness of products and provides more advantages for the enterprises in market competition.

    Product Carbon Footprint Certification is beneficial for Supply Chain optimisation

    Product Carbon Footprint Certification requires companies to conduct a comprehensive review of their supply chain, prompting them to establish a good partnership with their suppliers and work together to reduce carbon emissions throughout the supply chain. This helps to improve supply chain transparency and reduce business operating costs.

    Product Carbon Footprint Certification can help Enterprises meet Regulatory Requirements

    As environmental regulations continue to improve around the world, product carbon footprint certification will become a necessary tool for enterprises to respond to regulatory requirements. Through certification, companies can ensure that their products comply with the relevant regulations and avoid production and market risks caused by environmental issues. New energy vehicle batteries, which are currently undergoing strong development, are facing many regulations under the EU's New Battery Law.

    Product Carbon Footprint Certification helps Enterprises improve Management Levels

    The Product Carbon Footprint Certification process provides a way for enterprises to take a comprehensive look at their carbon emissions. Through the certification, enterprises can identify deficiencies in their internal management to improve their management level and reduce comprehensive costs.

    With the increasing global environmental protection trend, enterprises should fully recognise the importance and actively participate in Product carbon footprint certification to achieve green development and long-term benefits. Applus+ Laboratories has professional auditors and industry experts with a wide range of product portfolios and certification qualifications to provide professional and customised services globally to help enterprises successfully pass the product carbon footprint certification. It can enhance corporate image, reduce operational risks, realise sustainable development and create a better future.


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