Professional certification services to export drones by Applus+ Laboratories


    Due to the rapid development of technology, the incorporation of drones in aviation, commerce, and civilian fields is becoming increasingly widespread. The management regulations for drones in various countries is also becoming more and more complete. In addition to setting standards according to the scope of use, flight altitude, speed, and other drone aspects. Import and export regulations have also been introduced, posing new requisites challenges for drone certifications for exports.

    Applus+ Laboratories has a fully accredited drone laboratory in accordance with ISO 17025 standards to provide professional technical support for drone testing and certification. These services aid the development, meeting regulatory requirements for various types, intended uses, and specific regions. It has also established a complete and professional drone exportation certification service system in Europe and North America.

    Drone exportation certification in EU

    Applus+ Laboratories can provide drone certification services for three categories of drones in the European Union: the open category, specified category, and certified category. This mainly includes open category drone testing and certification, specified drone testing and certification and operational licensing support, as well as the development, testing and certification of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

    As one of the first batch of EU 2019/945 drone certification bodies (NB0370), Applus+ Laboratories has the exclusive full range certification capability for EU 2019/945, providing certification services for C0, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C5 kits and remote identification (DRI) modules for open and specified categories of drones. High risk operational assessment (SORA) can also be conducted on operators and manufacturers for specified drones.

    Drone exportation certification in the United States

    In the US market, exported drones need to be registered under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Drone manufacturers also need to ensure that drones comply with the National Air System (NAS) requirements, such as including standard remote identification or remote ID broadcast module functionality.

    Please note that remote identification broadcasts are not applicable to all registered drones, such as drones flying within the Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) of the Federal Aviation Administration's Identification Area (FRIA) in the United States, as well as ADS-B outs or drones used for aviation research, compliance with regulations, or official legal authorization.

    Under such complex regulations, experts from Applus+ Laboratories can provide services and support from regulatory compliance to technical testing reports, ensuring that drone export certification meets federal government standards.

    The application fields of drones are constantly expanding, and more types of drones will also emerge. Applus+ Laboratories will continue to monitor industry trends and provide comprehensive, professional, stable, and efficient testing and certification services for a wide range of product types, including entertainment drones, logistics drones, and eVTOL drones, in order to progress together with the industry.

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