How to choose a professional issuing authority? Applus+ Laboratories helps enterprises enter the international market


    With the continuous deepening of economic globalization, many enterprises are accelerating their   international presence to reach new business opportunities in the global market. However, going abroad is not an easy task, and enterprises must face a series of challenges and requirements to expand to new markets overseas.

    First, companies need to understand and comply with the laws, regulations, and standards of different countries and regions to ensure that their products and services can be legally sold and operated in the target market. This involves in-depth research on national standards and precise understanding of local regulations. For enterprises, it is crucial to choose a trustworthy issuing authority like Applus+ Laboratories to better showcase their capabilities in the global market.

    Applus+ Laboratories, experts in certification

    Applus+ Laboratories,  a leader in the testing and certification field, not only counts with an experienced team of experts, but with an established close cooperation with certification bodies around the world, which is highly recognized internationally.

    By collaborating with Applus+ Laboratories, companies can obtain the latest policies related to certification in a timely manner, gain a deeper understanding of the global regulatory architecture of various markets, and obtain professional market access solutions created by expert teams. Also getting access to one-stop testing, certification, and compliance consulting services.

    A diverse service scope

    Applus+ Laboratories has rich professional knowledge and practical experience in areas such as electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, radio, fire safety, IT security, and security & interoperability of payment systems. Whether it is international standards or local regulations, Applus+ Laboratories is committed to ensuring that products meet relevant requirements, providing enterprises with the highest level of security, and enabling them to smoothly obtain the certification and approval required to enter the global market.

    As a professional issuing authority, Applus+ Laboratories is  committed to help companies reduce  global market access risks, improve product compliance,  seize better business opportunities and  achieve their global strategic goals.

    With the development of the global economy and trade, fierce market competition could cause more complex and diverse certification regulations. Applus+ Laboratories will also combine the development situation of various markets around the world, summarize experience and technology, keep up with the times, and provide more professional, efficient, and diverse certification services.

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