In order to gain access to the Canadian market, vendors must comply with the regulatory requirements set by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED). 


Summary of ISED Requirements 

Canada's Radiocommunication Act and Radiocommunication Regulations state that manufacturers, importers, distributors and sellers of radio apparatus, interference-causing equipment and radio-sensitive equipment have three responsibilities:

•    They must make sure that the equipment they provide meets all the technical standards that are required in Canada for that type of equipment.
•    They must obtain a Technical Acceptance Certificate (TAC) if it is required for that type of equipment.
•    They must ensure that all equipment is labelled to show that it meets the applicable standards.

There are two categories of equipment in Canada according to ISED regulations:

Category I equipment consists of radio apparatus that require a technical acceptance certificate (TAC), issued by the Certification and Engineering Bureau of the ISED, or a certificate issued by a recognized CB, according the Radiocommunication Act and the Radiocommunication Regulations. Radio transmiter products fall under the scope of this Category. Certified Category I equipment shall be listed in ISED's radio equipment list (REL).

Category II equipment consists of apparatus that are exempt from certification (i.e. that do not require a TAC or a certificate issued by a CB), such as radio receiver-only products. The manufacturer, importer and/or distributor shall, however, ensure that Category II equipment complies with all of ISED’s applicable procedures and standards.  The test report shall be retained for as long as the model is manufactured, imported, distributed, sold, offered for sale and/or leased in Canada. The test report shall be made available to the ISED upon request.

Applus+ certification body services:

Applus+ Laboratories is recognized by the ISED both as a recognized test firm (ISO/IEC 17025 accredited), and as a Certification Body (ISO/IEC 17065 accredited). 

As an independent organization authorized by the Government of Canada we can test and certify radio equipment in accordance with Canadian regulatory requirements, and our conformity certificates provide access to the Canadian market.

Our ISED-recognized certification scope includes the following product categories:

  • Radio Scope 1 – Licence-exempt Radio Frequency Devices
  • Radio Scope 2 — Licensed Personal Mobile Radio Services

A Canadian Local Representative is required when addressing the Certification.


For marketing and use in Canada, every unit of a certified product model must be identified as per the following: A certification number made up of a Company Number (CN) assigned by ISED's CEB, followed by the Unique Product Number (UPN) assigned by the applicant. The certification number format is: 


The Product Marketing Name (PMN), Hardware Version Identification Number (HVIN), Firmware Version Identification Number (FVIN) and Host Marketing Name (HMN) is set  by the applicant and must have the following requirements: 

(a) The HVIN and ISED certification numbers must be permanently indicated on the exterior of the product or displayed electronically according to e-labelling requirements. 

(b) The PMN must be displayed electronically, or indicated on the exterior of the product or on the product packaging, or in the product literature, which shall be supplied with the product or readily available online. 

(c) The PMN, HVIN and ISED certification numbers can be etched, engraved, stamped, printed on the product, or placed on a label permanently affixed to a permanently attached part of the product. 

(d) The PMN, HVIN and ISED certification numbers indicated on any product (including those displayed electronically) on the Canadian market must be listed in the REL. 

(e) When the FVIN is the only differentiation between product versions (i.e. the PMN and HVIN remain the same for all versions) listed in the REL within a family certification, the FVIN shall be displayed electronically on the product and be easily retrievable.


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