Ensure sandwich panels conformity and access the entire European market

Made up usually by externally profiled steel sheets providing mechanical strength and an insulating core material (mainly polyurethane PUR, wools, PIR, etc.) fulfilling the functions of thermal and acoustic insulation, it is a very common material in industrial plants, sports centers or major facilities, amongst other uses.
As a product commonly used for building, it is regulated by the building technical code, and CE marking is applicable during the transition period beginning January 2009 (mandatory from October 2010), according to standardized regulation EN 14509:2006/AC:2008 within the construction products regulation. CE marking for these products is regulated by a 3 or 1 assessment system, according to use, requiring intervention of a notified body.
Applus+ is a notified body * for CE marking of sandwich panels, that collaborates with manufacturers throughout the product CE marking process. This product must be test under the standard EN 14509:2006 Self-supporting double skin metal faced insulating panels. Factory made products. Specifications
Applus+ helps manufacturers to perform a specific study of their product, identify the types of products and families to handle, to define objectives and establish the work plan to be followed. Using our own laboratories for characterizing your product (initial type tests) and with the technical assistance of our technological experts, we will help you get the most of your product.
System 3 is the most commonly used (as most manufacturers do not use fireproof or fire resistant, which would involve System 1), so the tasks to be fulfilled by the manufacturer and the Notified Body are those set out below:
Manufacturer responsibilities:
  • Implementation of factory production control
  • Self-inspection tests
 Responsibilities of the notified body:
  • Initial type testing. Provide required product technical characteristics (according to product type, use, etc.):
    • Reaction to fire
    • Shear stress resistance and shear stress module
    • Creep coefficient
    • Compressive strength or compressive strength at 10% deformation
    • Shear stress resistance after long-term load application
    • Tensile strength perpendicular to panel faces
    • Bending moment and wrinkling stress
    • Bending moment and wrinkling stress at central support
    • Thermal conductivity and conductance
    • Density
    • Dimensional variation
    • Durability
    • Strength under specific and transient loads
    • Tensile module perpendicular to the panel faces at high temperatures
CE Marking documents:
  • Certificate of initial type tests (performed by Applus+ in System )
  • Conformity statement (done by manufacturer)
  • CE marking and labeling of the product (carried out by the manufacturer)
Applus+ has over 100 years of experience in testing construction products. We have performed thousands of tests, certifying thousands of products.
* Applus+ is the commercial brand of LGAI Technological Center S.A., Notified Body nº 370.
  • One stop shop to handle testing and factory production control auditing
  • Improved control over your product and processes
  • Reduce non-quality costs
  • Market your product throughout the European Union

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