We have experts to define, manage and implement the mechanical testing plan for your products

During the development and validation of a new product, a specific mechanical testing plan may be required, beyond the usual regulatory standard tests.
To do this, manufacturers can call on experts in mechanical testing to help them define the testing plan and carry out its comprehensive management and execution.
Our solution
Applus+ has a long track record in designing and executing mechanical testing validation plans.
Our support services cover:
  • Defining the customized testing plan
    • Test series
    • Number of specimens to be tested
    • Results variables
    • Test conditions
    • Data acquisition
    • Post-test inspections
  • Performing the mechanical tests in Applus+ laboratories or the client's facilities
    • Preparing a testing plan
    • Developing and manufacturing tools and test benches
    • Implementation and monitoring tests:
    • Non-destructive inspections
    • Client remote monitoring: applusetesting
    • Data post-processing and publishing of test report
We have laboratories specialized in mechanical tests with large load machines. We work with all types of projects, from high-complexity tests to normal regulatory tests.
Applus+ performs mechanical and structural tests for most industrial sectors such as aerospace, automotive, civil engineering and construction systems, power and renewable energies, naval and transportation.
We are approved by Airbus (Structural Test Strategic Supplier), Rolls Royce and Aernnova as a qualified supplier to perform structural mechanical tests.
  • Lower costs and faster development of the validation plan
  • Have a partner that is an expert on validation processes and quality applied to testing projects for new product development
  • Leverage the synergies and testing experience of the various industrial sectors. 

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