Applus+ Laboratories accredited to test the latest Visa specs for contactless acceptance products (including XT 2.0)


    Our IT laboratories in Barcelona and Shanghai are ready to test the VCARS v2.1 to ensure interoperability between contactless products and devices.

    In February 2022, version 2.1 of Visa’s VCARS (Device Cross Testing Automation with Robot System Requirements) for evaluating contactless terminals came into effect. This test, known as Cross Testing 2.0 or simply XT 2.0., is more comprehensive than the previous XT 1.0 and provides greater assurance that contactless products and devices are interoperable with each other.

    Our IT laboratories in Barcelona and Shanghai are accredited by Visa to support testing activities of contactless acceptance products, a process that includes the new XT 2.0 tests.


    What’s new in XT version 2.0?

    There has been an increase in the number of test positions (now 69):

    • The values of z (height) are 0, 10, 20, 30 and 40 mm
    • The values of r (radius) are 0, 15 and 25 mm
    • The values of φ (angle) range from 0 to 15π/8 radians in steps of π/8 radians
    • The cards are presented to the Device Under test (DUT) using a single orientation (θ = 0 degrees)

    On top of this, a new weighting system has been introduced: Visa has defined specific weightings to be used for the calculation of a terminal's success rate.


    FAQS about XT version 2.0

    • How many cards are tested?

    The number of cards tested varies over time and it is determined by Visa. In any case, the only important thing is that all card samples used by the laboratory are part of an official deck of approved cards provided by Visa.

    • What are the weights used in the weighting system?

    This information is strictly confidential.

    • Does XT 2.0 involve changes in the development of the terminal SDK?

    No. The implementation of the VCAS (Visa Cross-testing Automation Specification) in the robot SDK has not changed with respect to the previous version of XT.

    • Do the changes in XT result in a longer test?

    The time spent on XT depends on the performance of the terminal itself. However, the changes introduced by XT 2.0 may result in longer testing processes. Please ask our sales representatives for more information.

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