Applus+:The Process Introduction for Morocco COC certification


    With globalization, demonstrating product quality and safety is indispensable for market access in the majority of countries. As an important economy in Northwest Africa, Morocco's market access standards are becoming more and more stringent.

    To ensure that the quality, safety and environmental performance of imported products meet the requirements of the Moroccan market, Morocco formally implemented the COC certification (Certificate of Conformity) in February 2020, which set a quality threshold for goods entering the country’s market.

    As a mandatory product conformity regime, Morocco COC certificate requires all imported good to pass a series of tests and inspections. Only goods that have passed the COC certification can be legally sold and used in the Moroccan market. Applus+* is fully equipped to oversee the complete Moroccan COC certification process, included all the tests needed.

    Overview of the Moroccan COC Certification process

    At Applus+, the process of Moroccan COC certification can be briefly divided into the following five segments.

    1. Submit an application: The applicant company needs to provide: the application form, packing list, invoice and documentation of conformity (including third party certificates, test reports, etc.). If the test report is not available, Applus+ can provide the tests to obtain the reports.
    2. Document review: Applus+ will review all the information submitted by the company and assesses whether the product complies with the relevant provisions of the Moroccan COC certification.
    3. On-site examination: Applus+ conducts professional inspections and tests on-site at the client's factory or warehouse.
    4. Issue a certificate: Applus+ will check the documents and inspection reports provided by the company and issue an electronic COC certificate if it passes the verification.
    5. Arrival verification: When the product arrives at Moroccan Customs, the company needs to submit the electronic version of the COC certificate and other import documents to the Moroccan PortNet system for customs clearance.

    The Moroccan COC Certification Services in Applus+

    Applus+ can carry out Moroccan COC approval for a range of products such as electrical appliances, construction materials, gas/oil equipment, children's toys, textiles, chemical products, plastics, food contact products, PPE and automobile parts. In addition, Applus+ can guide companies in applying for the Moroccan CMIM Mark endorsement for electrical appliances and toys according to Moroccan requirements.

    For consumers, Morocco COC certification provides a guarantee for product quality and safety, so they’re able to enjoy higher quality products and services with more confidence. For export companies, the products that pass the Morocco COC standard test increase their international competitiveness in the broader global market. Applus + global network around the world will continue to provide the complete Morocco COC certification services for companies everywhere.


    *Applus+ Fomento, a subsidiary of Applus+ Group, is the legal entity authorized by the Moroccan Government to issue the CoC document, is fully equipped to oversee the complete Moroccan COC certification process.

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