Verification of Conformity service in China for exports to Morocco

Offering a complete service in the certification process to access the Moroccan market.

Morocco has recently made changes in the regulation of its market access conditions and a wide range of products now must prove compliance with the country’s quality and safety regulations. To do so, the Moroccan authorities have created a Verification of Conformity programme (VoC) with the mission to ensure the product’s compliance with the current regulations. Failure to demonstrate compliance can mean the rejection of the shipment at the port of entry.

Manufacturers and exporters in China must conduct their own local verification processes and coordinate with an Inspection Body, authorized by the Moroccan government, to acquire a Certification of Conformity (CoC) before sending their products to the North African country.

To help clients understand the rules and regulations and ensure compliance, Applus+ Shanghai offers the complete Verification of Conformity service in China. 

Products covered under the CoC scheme
•    Electrical appliances 
•    Other electrical products 
•    Construction materials: pipes, sheets, sanitary equipment, insulation, wooden panels, cement, windows, glass...
•    Gas/oil appliances 
•    Products for children: toys, parks, and baskets for children, baby diapers, furniture…
•    Textiles: shoes, leather, clothing…
•    Chemical products: detergents, paint, bitumen, matches, lighters...
•    Plastic products: plastic packaging/bags...
•    Products in contact with food: kitchenware, crockery...
•    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): helmets for motorcycles…
•    Automotive spare parts: tires, automotive parts…

Applus+ Shanghai offers a complete service to acquire the Certification of Conformity

Our approach:
•    Review of technical documentation regarding the product parameters, labeling and user manual (in Chinese, English, and Arabic).
•    Confirmation of rules and regulations applied to the product category under the CoC scope. 
•    On-site inspection of products at the client’s factory or warehouse. 
•    Draft of the inspection report and the Certification of Conformity for client review.
•    Final document sent by email for importers to upload on the Moroccan PortNet system.

About Applus+ Laboratories

Applus+ is a global leader in testing, inspection, and certification and has over 22,800 employees operating in up to 70 countries. 
The Applus+ Laboratories division is a benchmark in Europe in testing and certification. We have our own versatile network of laboratories and unique facilities, as well as operational teams able to conduct inspections on-site. 

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