Moroccan Export Certification: Applus+ COC Certification Services Help Enterprises Cross Trade Barriers


    Morocco, as a shining pearl in North Africa, has attracted investors from all over the world with its profound cultural heritage and abundant resources. However, it is not easy to gain a foothold in the Moroccan market. At present, the Moroccan Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy has implemented Law No. 24-09 on product and service security, which enforces the Moroccan export certification evaluation plan.

    What product categories are covered by Moroccan export certification? How to obtain this type of certification? Clear up your doubts with the following article, where our Applus+ experts tell you more.

    Product types for Moroccan export certification

    Morocco's export certification covers a wide range of product types, involving multiple fields and industries. Currently, mandatory certification products include but are not limited to:

    1. Electrical products: such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, etc.
    2. Building materials: such as pipes, panels, cement, windows, glass, etc.
    3. Gas/fuel equipment: such as gas stoves, gas water heaters, boilers, etc.
    4. Children's products: such as children's toys, amusement park equipment, baby diapers, etc.
    5. Textiles: such as shoes, leather products, clothing, etc.
    6. Chemical products: such as cleaning agents, paint, asphalt, matches, lighters, etc.
    7. Plastic products: such as plastic packaging/bags, etc.
    8. Products in contact with food, such as kitchenware, tableware, etc.
    9. Personal protective equipments (PPE): such as motorcycle helmets, protective shoes, etc.
    10. Automotive parts: such as tires, engines, chassis, etc.
    11. Other mandatory certification products.

    For domestic enterprises in China that want to enter and exit the Moroccan market, verifying product categories and timely obtaining Moroccan export certification can significantly reduce the impact of customs clearance and better seize market opportunities. 

    Ways to obtain Moroccan export certification

    At present, Moroccan export certification certificates, like other COC compliance certificates, are issued by international organizations authorized by the local government. Meanwhile, Moroccan export certification is divided into three certification modes. The first mode is based on reviewing relevant materials and arranging inspections. After passing the inspection, a COC certificate is issued. The second and third modes are "product registration" and "product licensing", respectively, which are provided for traders who regularly import/export to Morocco, reducing the process of document review, pre shipment goods inspection, and accelerating certificate issuance.

    As a leading global testing, inspection and certification agency, Applus+ is one of the officially authorized certification agencies for Morocco projects. We can provide complete Moroccan export certification services, including product information review, product inspection, certificate drafting and uploading, etc., helping enterprises meet Moroccan import requirements, smoothly cross trade barriers, and enter the Moroccan market. 

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